Beautiful looks with sandals that are pure comfort

In summer, nothing is more comfortable and practical than a flatbed, right?

It leaves you fresh on the hottest days and can bring a lot of charm to your look. Just knowing how to compose the look with the piece!

Want to see how? Come with us!

Flat in the summer, choose the right one!

For those days when the foot can even swell due to the heat, or to use on the beach and in the pool, nothing better than a flatbed.

The sandal that can appear in several models, different styles and is the face of summer.

Sandals with stones

For women with a refined or sexy style, a good option is the flat with stones.

The more refined the gemstones and the more well-finished the shoes, the greater the chance that a woman with a classic and elegant style will like the model. Even this shoe is not your favorite.

Another detail that pleases women with a sexy style is to choose a flat model that leaves the foot well on display.

Sensuality is also in the details, such as the highlight for the feet.

Leather flat

On the other hand, leather flats without any other details usually have a more rustic and basic look.

That look is the face of the Natural Sporty style women. For those who like comfort and a laid-back look, there is no better option.

Another more basic option is the suede flat. See how Gisele Bundchen incorporated it into a basic look and beyond charming!

Golden flats

The golden flat can become the highlight of the look. How about investing in a bolder model?

Metallic tones like gold and silver have been on the rise for a few seasons and end up working as neutral tones that go with everything!

Combine with jeans and light tones for a laid-back look perfect for the weekend during the summer!

Beautiful flats

The most beautiful model will be the one that has the most to do with your style. After all, your style is you!

That’s why it’s super important to know what your clothing preferences are and what you identify with.

This is much more interesting than simply wearing that piece just because it’s in fashion and because it’s the latest trend.

Fashion flat

And for those creatively styled women who love to be fashionistas, and get ahead of the main trends, the sandal of the moment is the flat with thick and/or crossed straps.

Another option that is very popular is the flat slipper called slipper, it is very modern and simple.

But if you thought you could only do a basic look with this type of sandal, check out the black look below. Stylish, and comfortable!

Little black flat

Investing in neutral colors when buying your flats is always a good idea.

The black flat, for example, is versatile and can be used with shorts for the beach or swimming pool.

You can still do a more elegant look with a midi skirt, for example, and wear it for a weekend walk.

White sandal

The white sandals are on the rise, and the light tone is perfect in summer looks.

How about investing in a shoe model in white and with rustic and natural details such as shells, stones, and straw? A classic option that will bring a lot of charm to the beach look.

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