How to blush correctly

One of the most difficult steps when applying makeup alone is learning how to apply blush just right and according to your face shape. Any mistake can leave your cheeks too marked and out of harmony with your other traits. With that in mind, we have prepared a tutorial teaching the correct application of the product.

Although it sounds complicated, there are simple tricks that will make your cheekbones flush and less artificial. Check out the detailed step by step on how to put on blush. Come on?

How to blush the right way in 6 steps

Many makeup artists keep little secrets about applying blush. As with other products, it is possible to learn the techniques and put them into practice alone, at home.

Find out below how to apply blush using the methods of beauty experts:

Choose the right brush to apply blush

Between the brush and the sponge when applying the blush, give preference to the specific brush, because, in addition to being easier to handle, it has a more subtle impact on the skin, allowing the product to be worked with precision.

Find your favorite texture

Despite being widely used in the powder version, there are other blush textures that can match the type of makeup you want to produce. The compact blush, for example, is easy to iron and has better hold. Therefore, it is ideal for those who need the product to last all day.

Use a thin layer of blush and remove excess

Take a thin layer of the product with the brush and remove the excess on the back of the hand before bringing it to the face. This way, you can dose the amount and avoid excessively flushed cheeks.

Apply the product on the upper part of the cheeks

At the time of application, forget the myth that the blush should be placed on the side of the face – this is the role of the contour. To learn how to rub blush correctly, you should rub it on your cheekbones and work your way up to your temples.

Spread with slight circular motions

Once applied, spread it gently, using a circular motion, until the product is evenly distributed over the skin.

If you think it’s necessary, redo steps 2 and 3 to get more rosy cheeks, but be careful not to leave the effect forced, ok?

Enjoy the color to enhance your face

All makeup colors used in skin preparation are responsible for enhancing the shape of the face and highlighting the preferred features. So, before using the blush, analyze what your facial design is to make your makeup more harmonious.

  • Oval face: the product needs to be passed diagonally, below the cheekbones, and towards the corner of the lips.
  • Inverted triangle face: the rule here is to deposit the blush starting from the region near the ears and going towards the nose.
  • Round face: women with this shape should use the pout trick, smudging the blush on the part of the face that is protruding.

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