How to use face moisturizer?

If you want to learn how to use face moisturizer correctly, you’ve come to the right place. We have prepared a comprehensive guide on this routine step skincare. Simple, yet fundamental, it still raises doubts for many women.

How to use face moisturizer: 3 practical tips for everyday life

The skincare routine is essential to keep your skin healthy, beautiful, and lush. However, the rush of daily life does not always make it possible to carry out all the steps required by dermatologists, ranging from exfoliating to toning.

Two steps need to be taken even if you don’t follow any full treatment. We are talking about cleaning and moisturizing the face, processes that must be done at least twice a day.

This simple habit can bring visible results in the short term, such as the reduction of blemishes, the prevention of expression lines, the delay of premature aging, the increase in collagen and softness, and especially the health aspect, with the face naturally lit.

Did you like it and want to understand how to use a face moisturizer to start your self-care ritual? So follow, now, the moments and products suitable for hydration. Write it down!

Before applying makeup

Woke up, washed your face, but don’t have a lot of time to take care of your skin before applying makeup? If possible, tone it up, but never use any makeup before the moisturizing emulsion. It is this that will guarantee the durability of the production, keeping the skin moisturized, and will avoid the cracking of the foundation and the concealer, for example.

In addition, this care protects the skin from the action of external invaders that accumulate in the pores, as happens with pollution and oil. When applying the moisturizer, a kind of protective film is created, which prevents impurities from penetrating the skin and causing pimples and irritation.

After a few hours, makeup

During the day, the dermis breathes and sweats, which is absolutely normal. What we can avoid is the accumulation of sweat, once removed, it smudges the makeup and leaves the face with a disproportionate shine. The moisturizing mist, for example, is ideal to use in these moments, as it can be applied over the makeup.

Despite being moisturizing, as it is sprayed, it has a drying and revitalizing function. So, even if you’ve been wearing makeup for a few hours and your skin has already gained a tired look, by spraying the product all over your face, the makeup is revitalized again!

After cleaning with makeup remover

When you can finally remove all makeup and wash your face again, take the opportunity to moisturize it with a refreshing gel. Any makeup remover that doesn’t have oil in the composition tends to leave the dermis more dry, and, taking into account the stress experienced during the day, all she needs most is to relax and breathe.

A product with aloe vera hydrates, soothes your pores, and even strengthens your skin cells. Therefore, it can also be used before makeup, especially for those with very oily skin and rosacea. Night application is essential.

Now that you know how to use face moisturizer at every moment of the day, how about starting a skincare routine? Start with cleansing and moisturizing, then add toning, and so on. Just don’t forget to use sunscreen any season of the year, agreed?

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