Lose weight fast? 6 Tips For Weight Loss!

In the beginning, losing weight quickly works great, but suddenly the weight remains stubbornly on a plateau. This can be really frustrating, but luckily there is a workaround! In general, it is normal for the weight to fluctuate on the scale. Hormones, exercise, and your diet (salt!) Ensure that your weight changes from day to day. So don’t let yourself go crazy and look at the long-term development of your weight over the past few weeks. If nothing moves there either, you have a few options.

Check your servings to lose weight quickly

The most common solution is often the least popular – I don’t lose weight because I eat more than I use. A small body needs fewer calories – just like a small car uses less gasoline. So if you keep losing weight, you have to adjust your own portions downwards accordingly. If you forget that, you quickly end up on a weight plateau and become frustrated. So check your portions! Especially at the beginning of a change in diet, you are super motivated and pay close attention to your own eating habits. But if you’ve been around for weeks or months, it’s only normal that you’re no longer totally attentive. For example, you can keep a food diary or take photos of your meals. After a few days, look at the results and take time to reflect.

Lose weight fast? Avoid subconscious snacks

Sometimes food cheats in our mouths, and we barely notice it. The cookies that a colleague passes around in the office, the five nuts that you take from the kitchen as you walk by, or the fries that you steal from your partner’s plate. And many mothers have got used to eating the last bites of the children who leave them on their plates. You don’t want to throw away the good food!

Spread out over the course of the day, it can be quite a chore – without planning it or consciously enjoying it. It can help to jot down what you eat and when for a few days. It doesn’t have to be complicated – a “snack tally sheet” can help too.

It helps me to stick to fixed times. I eat two large meals and consciously plan snacks. At first, it is challenging to get used to the constant snacking, but after a while, it works automatically.

Are there health reasons?

In the vast majority of cases, the mystery of the stubborn Libra is actually because you are eating too many calories. Personally, I had one or two aha moments while writing my food diary! If you don’t dare to approach the topic alone, nutritional advice can provide support. Often this can also be partially financed by the health insurance company.

However, if the weight does not change for weeks despite the calorie deficit, a discussion with your family doctor may be appropriate. This is especially true if there are additional complaints. Because there are some diseases, such as an underactive thyroid, which could be the cause. Hormonal imbalance, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCO syndrome or PCOS), can also contribute to stagnation.

The good news: once a diagnosis is made, therapy can help push weight loss back on. The weight may drop more slowly than you would like – but even with a (discontinued) thyroid disease or PCOS, you are not condemned to being a heavyweight.

6 tips for losing weight quickly

  • Look at your meals: is the emphasis on vegetables, are you eating enough protein? If in doubt, reduce the side dish (rice, pasta, potatoes)
  • Pay attention to your stress level and your sleep – it should be at least seven hours. Lack of sleep is a common reason why losing weight quickly fails.
  • Try to avoid snacking and limit yourself to main meals. Consciously plan healthy snacks if you are often hungry. Maybe you are snacking because you are stressed, bored, or sad?
  • Incorporate more exercise into your everyday life. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym if you don’t enjoy it. But even a short walk a day supports your goals.
  • Take breaks – even when losing weight. If you pay attention to your diet for months, it can be quite stressful. It can help to consciously incorporate phases in which you do not lose weight, but simply keep your current weight. After a few weeks, it will be easier to dare to try weight loss with renewed vigor.
  • Let your family doctor or a nutritional counselor support you – you don’t have to solve all the problems on your own!

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