Tips to make lipstick last longer

Every makeup lover wants to discover tricks to make lipstick last longer, isn’t it? And do you know how to keep the product intact in the mouth even when we eat and drink? What to do so it doesn’t fade? We know that these questions are common, and that’s why we brought you a guide with 4 valuable secrets on how to fix lipstick.

The 24-hour options and the waterproof ones help a lot, but our favorite lipstick doesn’t always have these characteristics. The result? Retouches and more retouches – which is not practical for the modern woman.

If that’s your case, rest assured! From now on, you will no longer have to give up your favorite shade, nor get your lips stained, as we will reveal practical, inexpensive, and professional tips to make your lipstick last longer. Come on?

4 professional tricks to make lipstick last longer

It doesn’t matter what color and texture you choose. Following the steps below, it is possible to make your lipstick last longer without it gaining a dry look and still keeping the product’s lively tone even after hours of the first application. Don’t you believe? So, look!

Prepare your lips before applying lipstick

Most women forget a very important point when the goal is to prolong the durability of color in the mouth: moisturize the lips. Therefore, before applying makeup to the region, apply a lip moisturizer and a specific primer.

This first step is essential for the lipstick not to dry out and crackle. Oh, and know that it must be done regardless of the texture chosen, be it matte or creamy.

Apply foundation in the mouth region

A trick often used by professional makeup artists is to apply foundation also in the mouth region to make the lipstick last longer. That way, even if you eat, drink, or go several hours without touching up your lips, the applied color will remain there, intact.

In addition, applying a little concealer around the lips is another valuable tip to prevent the product from smudging.

Outline with a lip pencil

Because it has a soft texture and is easy to apply – as you just have to follow the mouth design – the lip pencil ensures extra fixation for the lipstick. In addition, the area is more delimited, designed, and beautiful, leaving your makeup with a professional look.

The only rule here is to use products of the same shade, ok? Thus, the pencil and lipstick mix with each other, they do not clash with each other, and the result is even more natural.

Finish with translucent powder

Following the steps above, you can now apply your favorite lipstick and finish with a thin layer of translucent fixing powder, which should be lightly deposited throughout the region using a voluminous and soft brush.

This cosmetic is essential in the makeup bag, as it prolongs the make’s durability and also gives a velvety finish. If you prefer a more sparkling mouth, after the translucent powder, just use a high-lasting lip gloss.

For all these tips to have the desired effect, it is essential to use quality products. Also, invest in a lip balm to protect yourself from the harmful effects caused by the sun each season. That way, you’ll be able to make your lipstick last longer without hampering your skin’s breathing and still leave your mouth healthy.

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