Which brush is best for your hair type?

Do you need a new brush? There are tons of brush variants, and which one should you choose? It depends on your hair type and what you plan to use the brush for. One brush is used to untangle, the other conjures up the most beautiful curls. A Mini Guide to Choosing a Brush!

How to choose the right brush

Using the right brush is essential to taking care of your hair. For example, if the bristles are stiff, rough, and rigid, and your hair type is fine, then the hair will break off when you brush, and that may not be the intent. Therefore, always consider your hair type when choosing a brush. We’ll tell you more about this below, but it’s good to think about everything you want to do with your brush in advance. Do you take them with you on vacation in the toilet bag or in your luggage? Do you only use a brush to detangle or also to style your hair? What you do with a brush and how you use it largely determines which brush is right for you.

The most famous types of brushes:

– Brushes with wild boar bristles,

– Brushes with nylon bristles,

– Brushes for detangling,

– Brushes for styling ( curling, creating volume, or smoothing),

– Pocket brushes.

We’ll go into the different types below.

Hairbrush for fine hair

To detangle fine hair, it’s best to choose a boar bristle brush. These bristles are firm, yet pliable, so they won’t damage your hair. Brushes with boar bristles stimulate sebum production by massaging the scalp. This makes the hair look shiny and healthy.

Brush for thick hair

A brush with pure boar bristles is less suitable for thick and normal hair. The bristles of such a brush are too flexible to get through thick hair. For normal to thick hair, we recommend a brush with a mixture of wild boar and nylon bristles. A pure nylon brush is also suitable for thick hair.

Detangling the hair

Does your hair keep getting tangled? Then use a dry shampoo and Tangle Teezer to easily detangle the hair. The dry shampoo is sprayed over the entire hair (not only on the hairline as usual). The Tangle Teezer was specially developed for detangling and has strong prongs. Therefore, this detangling brush is less recommended for fine hair. After spraying on the dry shampoo, the Tangle Teezer can be used to easily detangle the hair without tugging. It may sound strange, but give it a try and see the effect!

Styling with a brush

A brush can also be used to create curls, volume, or straighten hair. To create curls, use a round brush that conducts heat. Depending on the hair length you choose the diameter of the brush, here 54mm is quite wide, so suitable for creating waves with very long hair, while 16mm is ideal for creating tight curls with very short hair. For curling the hair, we recommend a brush with a diameter between 20 and 40mm. Make sure your hair is almost dry before curling and protect it with heat protectant spray or cream (an oil is not recommended as it often weighs down the hair). You will need a hairdryer to curl your hair.

To create more volume, use either a round or flat brush. Such a flat brush is also known as a paddle brush and is usually square. Always make sure to lift the roots up with the brush and then let the hair dryer blow on the hair at the bottom. Always spray a volume spray, which also protects against heat, directly on the hairline and the rest of the hair in advance. When using a round brush or a paddle brush, you can pull the brush down through your hair without turning it for more volume.

Brushes to take away

Of course, you want to look good on the go too. The ideal pocket-sized brushes are those in which the teeth are protected from breakage or bending.

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