Create your own spa experience at home!

We are happy to give you tips to create your own spa in no time. Pure indulgence in your own bathroom!

Set the mood

Start with a romantic atmosphere and light up every corner of the bathroom with a candle! You can use scented candles or incense sticks to dream away wonderfully. There are many aromas that have calming and relaxing effects on the mind and body. Think of lavender, jasmine, rose, bergamot, sandalwood, vanilla, coriander, chamomile, and white lotus. Citrus scents are also a real head boost. They give positive energy and reduce stress. Now some relaxing music in the background, and your bathroom will become a mystical experience!

Revitalize your skin with a pleasant scrub

Take a warm bath or shower first. After a few minutes, the pores will open, and you can pamper your body with a fantastic scrub. With gentle, circular movements, you give yourself a wonderful massage while dead skin cells are detached from the skin. BCL Spa’s sugar peelings are made from natural ingredients and herbal extracts and give your skin radiant, silky softness. Wonderful scents make the spa experience complete.

Masks for the face and hair

Using a nourishing hair mask is also a great tip to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. The Kérastase Elixir Ultime Masque à L’Huile Sublimatrice is a precious oil mask that gives the hair suppleness, shine, and lightness. By wrapping a warm towel around your hair, the flakes of hair will open up and allow the mask to penetrate deep into the hair fibers. Use a face mask afterward as well. The Talika face bio enzymes mask pink clay and is easy to apply and is specially cut into the shape of the face with cutouts for eyes, nose, and mouth. The cotton mask is soaked in natural active ingredients and intensively cares for the skin.

Relax wonderfully

Now is the time to relax! Just close your eyes and dream away. Take the scents with you on your journey and enjoy the music! Breathe in and out calmly. By calming your breathing, your body can relax as well.

Freshen up

Rinse off both masks thoroughly. Simply Zen Sensorials Relaxing Body Wash gently cleanses and hydrates the skin, leaving the skin soft and supple. Enjoy the relaxing scent of bergamot, lemon, and nutmeg, combined with jasmine and warmer tones of patchouli, cedarwood, and white musk.

Last but not least: lubricate, lubricate, lubricate!

The end of the pampering session is approaching. After scrub and shower, it is important to intensely hydrate the skin. Louis Widmer Remederm Body Oil is quickly absorbed by the skin, soothes dry areas of the skin, and improves the texture of the skin. The body oil spray supplies the skin with natural lipids and makes it soft and supple. Are you not a fan of oils? Then the Ahava Mineral Botanic Rich Body Butter Hibiscus & Fig is a good alternative. The rich, creamy texture and the stimulating scent make the use of this body butter a special kind of feel-good experience!

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