Makeup for wedding night: do it yourself

Was invited to celebrate the marriage of that special friend and don’t want to spend it in beauty salons? In this article, we will teach you a step-by-step wedding makeup at night that you can replicate at home.

Makeup for wedding night: step by step

Chosen dress and hairstyle; it’s time to perfect your makeup. That’s why we created a detailed manual so that even beginners can produce themselves for a party without mistakes. Just look:

Step 1: skin preparation

The main step of your makeup for a wedding at night is the preparation of the skin, as it will give you the durability for you to enjoy without worrying about touch-ups.

For this, the ideal is to start with an exfoliation followed by your cleaning routine. Afterwards, moisturize and tone your face to replenish your skin’s fluid and say goodbye to oiliness.

Step 2: foundation and corrective

With a clean face, it’s time for the primer. The product helps to close the pores and makes the make set easily. Once this is done, apply the foundation all over the face with a wide brush with dense, flat bristles, or with a sponge. It’s important that you don’t save money on the product, because the goal is to create a uniform layer of coverage, ok? In addition, as it is a night event, liquid and cream foundations are the most indicated.

To pass it correctly, go down towards the eyes, then slide down the nose, the area around the mouth, chin and, finally, the cheeks. This movement “from the inside out” is what guarantees the homogeneous finish.

To correct imperfections and camouflage dark circles, the concealer cannot be left out. With the concealer brush, draw a triangle from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye and move the stroke down to the edge of the nose. Close the design without filling the center, as by spreading the product, the void will be completed, preventing you from overdoing it and leaving the area too clear.

Step 3: blush

The blush can not be missing to give the air of health in your makeup for a wedding at night. Choose the right shade, avoiding overly marked cheeks.

It is also worth paying attention when applying it. Remove excess product from the brush — which should be soft and have beveled bristles — and apply it to the cheekbones following the “inside-out” rule already taught.

Step 4: eyebrows

Filling in the eyebrow makes all the difference in evening wedding makeup, because it makes the entire production look professional. The tip here is to follow the natural contour of the shape you already have and just fill the gaps with a brown shade following the direction of hair growth. This makes it easier to avoid mistakes and leave the artificial region.

Step 5: eyes

Now we can finally start applying the shadows. We will not choose specific colors in this guide as it will all depend on the color of your outfit. Even so, know that there is a formula that will help you to get the shades right according to your look.

The trick is simple: choose a base color — which could be brown, for example — and also separate a lighter version and a darker one, like coffee. Spread the softest one over the concave, over the mobile eyelid, and blend. Once this is done, apply the base color in the concave and pull a little towards the mobile eyelid, always smudging lightly with a brush with short, dense bristles.

Finally, deposit the most intense color in the corner of the mobile eyelid and, with back and forth movements, bring it into the mobile eyelid and the corner of the concave. The idea is to create overlays that look natural and make that professional gradient without leaving your home. It’s very simple!

If you like, you can even apply a silver shadow to the inner corner of the eye and create a point of light. It’s interesting to draw close to the upper lashes, apply the nude pencil on the waterline to open the look, and not save on the lashes mask.

Oh, and remember that powder that was resting under your eyes? Well, it was just a protection to avoid blurring of the shadow pigments that could fall. Now that everything is ready, just use a brush and sweep it along with the dirt.

Step 6: mouth

You’re almost done, so it’s time for the lips. With a lip pencil the same color as the chosen lipstick, outline the mouth a few millimeters above the natural line. The trick corrects possible asymmetries and even increases the volume. Then fill the entire inside of the design and finish with light taps of translucent powder.

That’s right! The powder that sealed the skin will help to fix the lipstick, will give a matte effect, and will guarantee much longer durability. Try it, you’ll love it!

Step 7: Finishing

To seal all cosmetics and give your wedding makeup a velvety finish at night, use the translucent powder. Place it on the T-zone — forehead, nose, and chin — and below the eyes by tapping it with a thick, soft brush. Leave the product to rest to fix the ones that have already been applied, while you care for your eyes and eyebrows.

Always remember to use colors that match your skin tone. After all, you don’t want to look like a ghost in the photos, do you?

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